Types of concrete works that we perform:

High-quality concrete works in Lviv and region!

Foundation for residential and industrial buildings



Concrete-monolithic beams

Other types of concrete works

Concrete works today are an integral part of construction. Reliable foundation – a solid house. This truth is familiar to everyone. That is why concrete works are an important stage in construction.

Our company offers you a range of concrete works related to different areas of construction.

Concrete works:


  • building construction;
  • construction of fences and fences;
  • registration of private territory.


Foundations for residential and industrial buildings


The company’s specialists will help you choose the kind of foundation that most closely respects the type of building being erected.

We offer you the following types of foundation:

  • ribbon;
  • columnar;
  • monolithic;
  • combined types.

A properly selected high-quality foundation will allow you to save money and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Foundations under fences


Do you think that a fence should not only have a good look, but also serve a long and reliable? You are absolutely right!

A good foundation of concrete will allow both these desires to be realized. Like the foundation for a house, it can be ribbon, columnar or other type.

Trust this work to true craftsmen and they will fulfill the order qualitatively and on time!

Monolithic overlappings and armor belts


The advantage of a monolithic overlap is, above all, its integrity. Like the creation of an armored leg, the construction of such a ceiling provides a uniform load on all points of the building and thus contributes to its durability.

Our specialists will carry out these work in compliance with all state norms and standards.

Suspended walls


At first glance, the retaining wall in the garden has a purely aesthetic value, and few people are conceived of what serious load it carries on itself.

Skillfully executed, this design will help turn your possessions into a fabulous corner, and our company’s specialists guarantee their customers the excellent quality and reliability.

In addition to the specified services, the company offers you the creation of screeds, dismantling of old buildings and other types of concrete works.


Prices for concrete work see here.

Also, our company provides earthwork services.


How do we work?

High-quality concrete works in Lviv and region!

1. Your call

2. Consultation, review of the object

3. Calculation of cost and terms of work

4. Work

5. Object presentation

Recent work performed

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